About Me.


Hey! I am Sarah Jones, I am in my 20's but should have grown up in the 1940's. Its where I belong. Lol!

Just some random facts about me to help you get to know me a bit!
1. I am a sucker for Batman. Although I don't read comics much, I know, I am lame.
2. I am a Narnia geek. I am a self proclaimed Dryad.
3. My hair color is ever-changing. I love Magenta best though!
4. I have an odd obsession with names. Like when I meet a new person I just REALLY need to know their full name and why their parents chose the names. It's odd.
5. Monkeys, other than sloths, are freaky and can just go away.
8. My goal in life is to be a unicorn.
9. I love Jesus more than bacon and coffee.
10. I have a deep love for the Moon and Pine trees. Separate or together. Whichever.
11. I feel like you can never take too many pictures of something you think is pretty or memorable, because things never happen the same way twice, dear one.
12. I am absolutely obsessed with the show Supernatural.

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