Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I want to be an Astronaut.

I saw earlier today where NASA will be taking applications for astronaut candidates in December through February and will be announcing the winner in 2017. It has been a life-long dream of mine to go into outer space. Star gazing is one of my favorite things to do, and although I am by no means an astronomy nerd, (I can find Orion and the big and little dippers that's about it! Haha!) I have just always been interested and enraptured by space. 

While the requirements for this application are far above anything I have or will ever achieve this whole space exploration thought//desire hasn't ever been about space cred (lol), being cool, or even learning science-y things. For me going into outer space, seeing the vastness of our solar system, seeing the perfectly crafted Earth in all of its glory, seeing the other planets as more than tiny balls of light, being out there in the nothingness. It's always been, for me, about wanting to see the hugeness of God's creations and His incredible ability to make something out of nothing. His power, might and creativity are so beautiful to me. 

The same God who created the Sun, planets, moons, other suns, complex solar systems, galaxies and keeps them in order and in their places made ME! And YOU! How awesome is that?! That fact will never cease to astonish me.

Today as you look around you at the trees, the sunlight, the rain, the oceans, the mountains, where ever you are or tonight when you see the stars and Moon, know that the God who holds those beautiful works of art in His hands also is holding you!



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