Thursday, July 14, 2016

Setting The Mood For Writing.

For me to write is a big deal, it's got to be in a specific setting and environment to set the mood!! So today I thought I would just let you all into my creative writing head space for a bit!

There are a few MUSTS for me when it comes to the ideal writing environment 

First up would HAVE TO BE.......COFFEE!
I absolutely have to have coffee to write.
I can't focus without it! Lol!

The second thing is a chilly room!
I love the cold, it makes me feel emotions better.
Which sounds so bizarre, I know, but still!
A cold room is a must! 
Which leads us to three, the actual room!

Third, is a good room!
 And for me that is our home office!
It has a wall lined with shelves,
two large windows that let in nice
natural light and the giant desk, 
making it the perfect room!

Fourth would be an overcast or really rainy day.
The way the clouds can mute colors around me really
helps me to be less distracted and rain is always soothing, amiright?

Fifth would be peace and quiet!

And lastly would be candles! 
More specifically, Autumn scented candles! 
Pumpkin and Cinnamon are my FAV!!!

Praise God for the person who harnessed the scent of Autumn!

Those are my main musts for the ideal writing day! tell me yours in the comments!
Thanks for reading! :)
Sincerely, Sarah 

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