Monday, November 7, 2016

Lets talk about hair color.

Okay, this is going to be more of a rant than anything. When is anything on here not a rant though? So, Lets talk about hair dye first...rant later! You've been warned! lol!

Over the past 5 or 6 years I've been dying on and off! First it was just a blonde streak for a few years, it was super fun and was a way for me to just be a little different from typical girls my age. It became my signature thing I guess. Then I dyed that blonde streak purpley-pink with crappy Splat! (Please don't ever use Splat.) 

Splat over bleached streak.

   When the Splat washed out I maintained the streak for a year or more and eventually let it grow out. From there I went red! Red has been my go to for so long now and I will forever love it. I was supposed to be a redhead. God just accidentally forgot that when He made me. lol. I had red for a while in my bangs and underneath but that wasn't enough. (If you dye, you get it.)
Professionally dyed fringe and and underneath.

   So, through Sherri Dupree-Bemis I discovered Special Effects and got myself some Burgundy Wine, it was the first time I dyed my entire head a different color and let me tell you I had never in my life felt more beautiful or unique than that first time! 
Special Effects Burgundy Wine over brown, unbleached hair.

   Pretty much since then it has been a red or brown color. (Red meaning anything from Magenta to orange. Also green for a month or so. And black for a while!) I've dyed it on and off many times with different box dyes. L'Oreal is my favorite by far.Over the past few years its been really back and forth until December 2015 when I went back totally red again within the past 2 years! Feria colors are awesome but my all time is HiColor HiLights in Magenta for dark hair! This one requires a developer which lightens the hair but isn't nearly as harsh as bleaching the hair and you can tell no difference in texture after using. It's rather gentle!
 HiColor HiLights in Magenta over dark brown hair.

Honorable mentions...

          Enchanted Forest, Manic Panic                 I totally can't remember what dye this was

Clockwise over the past year! Starting with December, 2015 and ending with today, November, 2016!  So many fun shades in the red family! 

(Special Effects, Virgin Rose and HiColor HiLights in Magenta.)

But here's the thing. I and others I know have been relentlessly hair color shamed (Even by their family members or church members. Which is the saddest thing.) for having an "unnatural" hair color. Newsflash babes! Blonde highlights or low-lights aren't natural either. We all like dying! and that's okay!

I feel most like myself and most confident about myself when I have red hair. It makes me feel pretty and like a freaking mermaid princess and I kinda love seeing that in the mirror! My hair in no way shape or form alters me as a human being. Or anyone else for that matter. My hair is just that MY HAIR. No one else has the right to tell me or anyone else what to do with their body other than themselves. God doesn't care if you dye your hair. Its not wrong or harmful to anyone.

To all the people who have told another person what color their hair color should be: YOUR OPINION OF SOMEONE ELSE'S HAIR//BODY IS IRRELEVANT. It is no ones place, right or business telling another human what color they think looks best or what they are doing wrong with their body. Also comments on pictures when a person has colored hair stating "Oh I liked natural color better." "It was so pretty the other way" that's rude and irrelevant to the picture. Hateful "suggestions" disguised as a compliment are not nice. They're rude. 

Why on earth would anyone bully others for what makes them feel beautiful? How could someone tell another person to change the thing that makes them feel best about their self? That's messed up! Its no different than telling someone they are over or under weight and would look better if they lost weight, or gained it! Or if they would just get braces, or just clear up that skin and get contacts...bullying is bullying!

So, the next time someone shames//bullies another person for having colored hair, I hope the judgmental comment, text or verbal vomit will be deleted and//or ignored. So, save your breath haters. Your opinion about you is the only one that will ever matter!

To the other ladies who dye, keep doing you. Don't let the cruel haters who tell you how to look get to you. Your opinion of you is the only relevant one! You're beautiful! go got that rainbow hair! go blue, go red! Do whatever makes you feel like a mermaid unicorn princess!

Edited because my wording was offensive to some before. This is NOT jab to anyone in particular and should not be taken as such! Body image shaming in any way is not nice and that includes hair, that's all this was meant to say! <3


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