Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sun gazing

Sooo I'm just going to take a minute to brag on my Jesus and His awesomeness!! I love anything to do with astronomy and the sky! Sunsets are my absolute favorite! Every time I look at the setting sun I think "Wow, God! you're soo amazing." and I totally start thanking God for the work of art He has given us. And on a clear night I look up and am in awe of the might that God must have to have all of those stars just hang there in place! He is just so amazing to me! And while I'm thinking about it even the way He holds the ocean in place I'm so unworthy you know? I mean who are we to be loved and guided by Someone as magnificent as God?! Okay soo anywayyyy on this note there's been a lot of hype about the transit of Venus!! it's where Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun (which you probably already know....) but it's soo awesome and I'm so blessed to be able to witness it .....I'm excited about it haha I mean hey....it won't happen again until 150 years have gone buy....thats a long time man! So, me being the geekish dork that I am I took a picture!!!

theres a tiny littllleee dot there on the lovely green sun called VENUS!!! 
its on the upper right hand.

xoxo sarahh

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