Monday, February 16, 2015

Writing and coffee.

It has been far too long since I have written anything on this blog of mine! So here is a quick update on whats going on with me!

In one of my previous posts I mentioned a "project" that I was starting and I just want to share what that was/is....drum roll.....It is in fact my very first YA novel! (I guess this is me going public lol!)

It has been in the works since May of 2014 and I have completed it!(For the most part I think) I am now in the heavy editing process. I write, edit and drink coffee. Lots of coffee. When I am not working on my own books I am reading and writing reviews of other author's books on or watching Gotham, Agents of Shield, or NCIS! (While drinking more coffee of course.)

My imagination has always been overactive, (I'm guessing that is from my ADHD.), and I have decided to put that to good use by writing! I feel like my imagination is a gift from God and I just have to use it for Him. I am currently working on a post-war fiction novel about twelve young adults who live in a tribal community called the Pines. I haven't settled on a name yet I'm between two similar names.

Once I feel like the editing is completed I will begin to query literary agents and hopefully get an agent who will help me to get a totally rad book deal! Until then I am just working hard on polishing my book and writing others! I never thought I would end up perusing a writing carrier seeing as how I have learning disabilities that hindered me all throughout school but I have fallen in love with this art form. The writing community I have found is welcoming and supportive and that is always helpful! I hope to be able to keep posting more updates as I go forward on this journey!


Until next time enjoy these gifs of Lucy Pevensie waving :)

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