Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Valley by Eisley

Hi! I've been wanting to start doing short music reviews on here so here goes nothing! =]

  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the band Eisley. They are a family band hailing from Tyler, TX composed of three gorgeous sisters (Chauntelle, Sherri, and Stacy) their brother (Weston) and cousin (Garron). In march of 2011 they released their third full length album titled The Valley. When I fell in love with the band it was early 2012 I was looking around for new music to check out on JesusFreakHideout.Com and clicked on their link and saw that they had a few CDs already so I went on over to YouTube and searched "The Valley by Eisley" the first video that came up was of the three ladies singing the title track The Valley acoustic. It was amazing! I was hooked from that moment on. Within a short amount of time I went to one of the nearby Christian bookstores and bought The Valley CD. I was completely floored by beautiful harmonies and by how ridiculously talented one family could be. The album is pretty much a total break up album. If you are going through a break up this is for you! I recommend this CD to anyone though. All eleven of the songs are beautifully and very well written. It is pure magic for your ears!

Here's the track listing!
1. The Valley
2. Smarter
3. Watch It Die
4. Sad
5. Oxygen Mask
6. Better Love
7. I Wish
8. Kind
9. Mr. Moon
10. Please
11. Ambulance

You can get this album and all of Eisley's other albums at!

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